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  1. Administration 

    1. Lightning: Customize Tabs
    2. Lightning: User Information
    3. Lightning: Enable Appointment Notifications for Provider
    4. Lightning: Company Information
    5. Lightning: Download Email Log Files
  2. Appointments/Calendar 

    1. Lightning: Configure Internal Clinic Calendar Start/End of Day
    2. Lightning: Creating an Appointment
    3. Lightning: Creating Recurring Appointments
    4. Lightning: Blocking Time on Calendar
    5. Lightning: Calendar Slot Duration
  3. Branded Clinic App 

    1. Booking Appointments
    2. View Schedule
    3. Sending and Replying to Clinic Messages
    4. Lightning: Sending and Replying to Patient Messages
    5. Classic: Sending and Replying to Patient Messages
  4. Calendar by Jasmine 

    1. Download Calendar by Jasmine
    2. Lightning: Relax IP Restrictions for Calendar by Jasmine
    3. Classic: Relax IP Restrictions for Calendar by Jasmine
    4. Calendar by Jasmine: Delete Data
  5. Contact Management 

    1. Lightning: Creating New Patient Contact Record
    2. Lightning: Import Patient Information from Other Systems
    3. Lightning: Adding Employment Status Values
    4. Lightning: Merge Contact Records
    5. Lightning: Mass Email Contacts
  6. CPT Codes 

    1. Lightning: Adding New CPT Codes
    2. Lightning: Adding Modifiers to CPT Codes
    3. Lightning: List CPT Codes
    4. Lightning: Edit Treatment Code Pricing
    5. Classic: Adding New CPT Codes
  7. Credit Card Processing 

    1. Lightning: Enabling Credit Card Payments with Stripe
    2. Lightning: Revoke Jasmine Access to Stripe
    3. Classic: Enabling Credit Card Payments with Stripe
    4. Enable HSA/FSA card processing in Stripe
    5. Enable Stripe Receipts
  8. Email Marketing 

    1. Classic: Installing MailChimp App Integration
    2. Classic: Segmentation & MailChimp
  9. Email Reminders 

    1. Lightning: Enabling Email Reminders
    2. Lightning: Configuring Email Reminders
    3. Lightning: Disable Email Reminders
    4. Lightning: Enabling Follow Up Emails
    5. Lightning: Disable Follow Up Emails
  10. Email Templates 

    1. Classic: Creating Email Templates
    2. Classic: Configuring Email Templates
    3. Classic: Configuring Letterheads
    4. Classic: Adding Logo to Letterhead
    5. Classic: Add Confirm/Cancel/Reschedule Links to Email Templates
  11. Google Calendar Syncing 

    1. Classic: Enable Google Calendar Syncing
    2. Classic: Disable Google Calendar Sync
    3. Classic: Google Calendar Sync - Using Non Primary Calendar
    4. Classic: BusyCal / GCal / Jasmine Sync
    5. Lightning: Enable Google Calendar Syncing
  12. ICD 10 Codes 

    1. Lightning: Adding New ICD-10 Codes
    2. Lightning: List Diagnosis Codes
    3. Classic: Adding New ICD-10 Codes
    4. Classic: Import ICD-10 Codes
    5. Classic: List Diagnosis Codes
  13. Insurance Billing 

    1. Lightning: Enroll with Insurance
    2. Lightning: List Enrollments
    3. Lightning: Assign Enrollment to Patient Contact
    4. Lightning: Check Patient's Insurance Coverage
    5. Lightning: Enter Insurance Claim
  14. Intake Form Packages 

    1. Lightning: Create Intake Form Packages
    2. Lightning: Edit Intake Form Packages
    3. Lightning: Delete Intake Form Packages
  15. Intake Forms 

    1. Lightning: Enable Intake Forms
    2. Lightning: Add Welcome statement to Intake Forms
    3. Lightning: Add Signature Forms to Intake Forms
    4. Lightning: Add Custom Signed Forms
    5. Lightning: Manually Send Intake Forms
  16. Inventory Management 

    1. Lightning: Adding Products
    2. Lightning: Import Products
    3. Lightning: Inventory Threshold and Emails
    4. Lightning: Product Sales Tax
    5. Lightning: Adding Product Types
  17. Patient Self Scheduling 

    1. Classic: Managing Business Hours for Online Scheduling Widget
    2. Classic: Assign Business Hours to Practitioners
    3. Classic: Set Practitioner's Business Hours by Service
    4. Classic: Customize Availability Time Slots
    5. Classic: Specify Multiple Rooms for Scheduling Widget
  18. Quick Start 

    1. Jasmine Quick Start
    2. Classic: Authorize Online Access
    3. Classic: Add logo
  19. QuickBooks Online 

    1. Classic: Authorize QuickBooks Online Access
    2. QuickBooks Online Integration Setup
    3. Classic: Import QuickBooks Online Inventory
    4. Classic: Creating Invoices in QuickBooks Online
    5. Classic: Disable QuickBooks Online Integration
  20. Receipts/Superbills 

    1. Classic: Create receipts/Superbills from Contacts
    2. Classic: Creating receipts/Superbills from SOAP Notes
    3. Classic: Recording payment
    4. Classic: Discounting treatments
    5. Classic: Discount products
  21. Reports 

    1. Classic: Creating Reports
    2. Classic: Running Reports
    3. Classic: Exporting Report Data
    4. Classic: Scheduling Report Email
  22. Salesforce1 Mobile App 

    1. Classic: Adding Calendar+ to Salesforce1 Mobile App
  23. Satisfaction Surveys 

    1. Classic: Enable Patient Satisfaction Surveys
    2. Classic: Manually Sending Suveys
    3. Classic: Disable Patient Satisfaction Survey Emails
    4. Classic: Enable Testimonials on Facebook
  24. Selling Treatment Packages 

    1. Classic: Create a Treatment Package Product Listing
    2. Classic: Selling a Treatment Package
    3. Classic: Using Account Credit for Payment
  25. Services 

    1. Lightning: Create Services
    2. Lightning: Edit Service - Visible to Customers Online
    3. Lightning: Edit Service Duration
    4. Lightning: Edit Service Color
    5. Lightning: Assigning Location to Services
  26. SOAP Notes 

    1. Lightning: Delete Drawing on SOAP Note
    2. Lightning: Creating new fields and adding to layouts
    3. Classic: Add Create SOAP Note button to Appointment Layout
    4. Classic: Creating new fields and adding to layouts
    5. Classic: Printing SOAP Notes
  27. Text/SMS Reminders 

    1. Lightning: Enabling Text/SMS Patient Reminders
    2. Lightning: Customize Text/SMS Reminders
    3. Lightning: Customize Text/SMS Default Reply
    4. Lightning: Enabling Follow Up SMS
    5. Classic: Enabling Text/SMS Patient Reminders
  28. Transcribe by Jasmine 

    1. Classic: Relax IP Restrictions for Transcribe by Jasmine
  29. All articles 

    1. Jasmine Quick Start
    2. Classic: Installing MailChimp App Integration
    3. Classic: Creating Email Templates
    4. Classic: Enable Google Calendar Syncing
    5. Classic: Creating Reports

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