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Classic: Enable Areas of Pain for Intake Forms

Enable Areas of Pain for Intake Forms

  • Click Setup

  • In the Setup Search, type "Object" or Go to Build->Create->Objects

  • In the Custom Objects list, click Intake Form

  • Hover over or click "Page Layouts"

  • Click the Edit action for the layout

  • Scroll to Visualforce Pages

  • You can add a new section or add the Pain Area visualforce page to an existing section. To add new Section, drag the Section widget to the layout.

  • Drag the Pain Area to the desired section.

  • To change the properties of the Pain Area, click on the wrench icon.

  • Change the height to 400 pixels (or as desired) and check the Show label checkbox if desired.

  • When done with editing, click "Save" in the layout editor.

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