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QuickBooks Online Integration Setup

Before using the QuickBooks Online integration, you'll need to ensure the following Accounts exist, Sales of Product Income, Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory Asset, Discounts Given, and Customer Deposits.

In addition, if you collect Sales Tax, you'll need to have ONLY one Tax Code.

Instructions are below on creating Accounts and a TaxCode.

Create Accounts

  • Go to the Accounting tab

  • Go to the Chart of Accounts tab

  • Click the New button

  • For each of the missing Accounts, create based on images below.

    • Sales of Product Income

    • Cost of Goods Sold

    • Inventory Asset

    • Discounts Given

    • Customer Deposits

Create TaxCode

  • Go to the Taxes tab

  • Click the "Add/edit tax rates and agencies" link

  • If a TaxCode exists, you are done. Otherwise, click the New button

  • Enter the Tax name, Agency name, and Rate

  • Click Save

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