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Lightning: Add Confirm/Cancel/Reschedule Links to Email Templates

  • Click the gear icon

  • Click Setup

  • Search "Classic Email Templates"

  • Click "Classic Email Templates"

  • Select "Jasmine Email Templates" Folder

  • Select the Email Template to edit by clicking the template name

  • Click the "Edit HTML Version" button to edit the template

  • Use the editor to update the email template

  • Type the word "Confirm"

  • Highlight the word "Confirm"

  • Click the link icon

  • Enter into the text box: {jaz.BookingSite.Confirm.Url}

  • For "Cancel", use: {jaz.BookingSite.Cancel.Url}

  • For "Reschedule", use: {jaz.BookingSite.Reschedule.Url}

  • Click Save when done.

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