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Classic: Installing MailChimp App Integration

Instructions for Installing MailChimp App into Jasmine.

MailChimp also has online documentation:

  • Go to the MailChimp App for Salesforce

  • Click Get It Now

  • Click Log in to the AppExchange

  • Enter your Jasmine credentials

  • Click Install in production

  • Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click Confirm and Install!

  • Might ask you for Jasmine credentials again.

  • Select Install for Admins Only and click Install

  • Check the "Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites" checkbox and click Continue.

  • Wait for the install to finish

  • The MailChimp App takes some time to install. We'll get an email when done.

  • Under Installed Packages, we see MailChimp for Salesforce is installed.

  • Go to a Contact and click "Edit Layout"

  • In the layout editor, scroll down to the start of the Contact Detail heading

  • In the layout editor menu, click on Buttons.

  • Grab and drag the MailChimp Subscriptions button to the Custom Buttons area.

  • Click Save

Edit Permission Set Assignments

  • Click Setup

  • Go to Administer -> Manage Users -> User

  • Click on your username (Not the Edit link)

  • Scroll down to Permission Set Assignments and click Edit Assignments

  • Select and add both MailChimp Admin and MailChimp User

  • Click Save

Turn On Hourly Sync

  • Go to All Tabs (+ sign) and click MC Setup

  • Click Login

  • Click OK for the redirect popup

  • Enter your MailChimp username and password

  • Check the "Allow MailChimp to create Leads in Salesforce" checkbox and click "I am Ready to Map Fields"

  • Click Save

  • Go through the tutorial

  • Click Turn on Hourly Sync

Manage Contact Subscriptions

  • Go to a Contact and click MailChimp Subscriptions

  • Click the list

  • Click Subscribe

  • Click the "This person has given me permission to add him/her to my MailChimp list." checkbox

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