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Classic: Import ICD-10 Codes

Importing the new ICD-10 codes into Jasmine is simple with the following steps.

  • First, make sure you have the file "icd-10-codes.csv" handy.

  • Click Setup

  • On left hand menu, search "Data Import Wizard" or go to Administer -> Data Management -> Data Import Wizard

  • Click the "Launch Wizard!" Button

  • Under "What kind of data are you importing?", Click "Custom Objects"

  • Click "Diagnosis Codes"

  • Click "Add new records"

  • Drag the "icd-10-codes.csv" file

  • Click Next

  • All the fields should match up, so click Next

  • If everything looks like the image below, click Start Import

  • Click OK

  • When done (Progress 100%), you will see 108 records processed.

  • Done! Now you can add ICD-10 code to SOAP Notes and Superbills.

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