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Classic: Use Clinic Logo For App

Using the clinic's logo is a great way to brand the app.

FYI: The logo needs to be less than 20K in size to be used as the logo.

  1. Click All Tabs (+ sign)

  2. Click Documents Tab

  3. Click the New button

  4. Enter "PracticeLogo" for the Document Name and Document Unique Name

  5. Check the Externally Available Image checkbox

  6. Set folder to Public Images

  7. Choose your logo file to upload

  8. Click Save

  9. Now, goto Setup.

  10. Search "Apps" or goto Build->Create->Apps

  11. Click Edit on the Practice Management row.

  12. Under "Choose the Image Source for Custom App Logo", click "Insert an Image".

  13. In the pop up window, select "File Location: Public Images" and click Go.

  14. Select the image named "PracticeLogo".

  15. Click "Save".

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