Classic: Use Clinic Logo For App

Using the clinic's logo is a great way to brand the app.

FYI: The logo needs to be less than 20K in size to be used as the logo.

  1. Click All Tabs (+ sign)

  2. Click Documents Tab

  3. Click the New button

  4. Enter "PracticeLogo" for the Document Name and Document Unique Name

  5. Check the Externally Available Image checkbox

  6. Set folder to Public Images

  7. Choose your logo file to upload

  8. Click Save

  9. Now, goto Setup.

  10. Search "Apps" or goto Build->Create->Apps

  11. Click Edit on the Practice Management row.

  12. Under "Choose the Image Source for Custom App Logo", click "Insert an Image".

  13. In the pop up window, select "File Location: Public Images" and click Go.

  14. Select the image named "PracticeLogo".

  15. Click "Save".


  1. Lightning: Customize Tabs
  2. Lightning: User Information
  3. Lightning: Company Information
  4. Lightning: Download Email Log Files
  5. Lightning: Request Email Log Files
  6. Lightning: Grant Account Login Access
  7. Lightning: Data Export
  8. Lightning: Setting Password Policies
  9. Lightning: Disable Verification Code
  10. Lightning: Change Session Timeout
  11. Lightning: Disable Chatter
  12. Lightning: Setting Trusted IP Access
  13. Lightning: Setting Time Zone
  14. Lightning: Create/Edit List View
  15. Lightning: HIPAA Logging & Auditing
  16. Lightning: Buy Jasmine
  17. Lightning: Update Card for Buy Jasmine
  18. Lightning: Set User as Practitioner
  19. Lightning: Creating Locations
  20. Lightning: Editing Locations
  21. Lightning: Configuring Locations, Services, Practitioners, & Business Hours
  22. Lightning: Lock/Unlock Master Lists
  23. Lightning: Recovering Deleted Items From Recycle Bin
  24. Lightning: Creating Users
  25. Lightning: Deactivate Users
  26. Lightning: Creating Rooms
  27. Lightning: Setting Company Primary Contact
  28. Classic: Customize Tabs
  29. Classic: User Information
  30. Classic: Company Information
  31. Classic: Download Email Logs
  32. Classic: Request Email Log Files
  33. Classic: Grant Account Login Access
  34. Classic: Data Export
  35. Classic: Setting Password Policies
  36. Classic: Disable Verification Code
  37. Classic: Change Session Timeout
  38. Classic: Disable Chatter
  39. Classic: Use Clinic Logo For App
  40. Classic: Setting Trusted IP Access
  41. Classic: Setting TimeZone
  42. Classic: Create/Edit List View
  43. Classic: HIPAA Logging & Auditing
  44. Classic: Buy Jasmine
  45. Classic: Update Card for Buy Jasmine
  46. Classic: Set User as Practitioner
  47. Classic: Creating Locations
  48. Classic: Editing Locations
  49. Classic: Configuring Locations, Services, Practitioners, & Business Hours
  50. Classic: Lock/Unlock Master Lists
  51. Classic: Recovering Deleted Items From Recycle Bin
  52. Classic: Update logo
  53. Classic: Creating Users
  54. Classic: Deactivate Users
  55. Classic: Creating Rooms
  56. Classic: Setting Company Primary Contact
  57. Clear Browser Cache

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