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Classic: Customize Intake Form Layout

Customize Intake Form Layout

Many intake form fields have already been created and just needs to be added to the intake form layout. We will cover this scenario in this document.

  • Click Setup

  • In the Setup Search, type "Object" or Go to Build->Create->Objects

  • In the Custom Objects list, click Intake Form

  • Hover over or click "Page Layouts"

  • Click the Edit action for the layout

  • Look through the layout to see what needs customizing.

  • Add new fields to the layout by searching and dragging on to the layout.

  • Add new Sections by dragging the Section widget to the layout.

  • Remove Sections or Fields by dragging them to the Layout Editor at the top.

  • Preview the  layout by clicking "Quick Save" first and then "Preview As"->System Administrator

  • When done with editing, click "Save" in the layout editor.

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