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Classic: Enable Intake Forms with ZocDoc

Edit Custom Settings

  • Go to Setup

  • Search for Custom Settings or browse to Build->Develop->Custom Settings

  • Click the Manage action next to Calendar Config

  • Ensure Send Email Reminders is checked. If not, see instructions for enabling email reminders.

  • Click Edit

  • Check the Send Intake Email checkbox

  • Click Save

  • Go back to Custom Settings, Click Manage action next to Company Config

  • Click Edit

  • Enter your Intake Landing Page URL. This is the URL of your website where you put the Intake Form Widget. You can also use the Jasmine site:

  • Click Save

Edit Service

  • Go to the Services Tab

  • Edit the Service you want Intake Forms sent

  • Check the Send Intake Email checkbox

  • Click Save

Patient Email Reminder

  • Only patients with Email Reminder checked on their Contact record will receive the Intake Form email.

Add Intake Related List to Contact Layout

Add Widget to Website

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