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Classic: Setup Booking Site

Set User As Practitioner

  • Click Setup

  • In the Setup Search box, search for “Manage Users”.

  • Click on “Users”

  • Click on your user record

  • Click Edit

  • Scroll down to Additional Information and check the box "Practioner". Then click Save.

Edit Custom Settings

  • Go to Setup

  • Search for Custom Settings or browse to Build->Develop->Custom Settings

  • Click the Manage action next to Company Config

  • Click Edit

  • Enter the Email and Website URL. Then click Save.

Add Logo

  1. Click All Tabs (+ sign)

  2. Click Documents Tab

  3. Click the New button

  4. Enter "PracticeLogo" for the Document Name and Document Unique Name

  5. Check the Externally Available Image checkbox

  6. Set folder to Public Images

  7. Choose your logo file to upload

  8. Click Save

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