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Classic: Creating receipts/Superbills from SOAP Notes

You can easily generate receipts off of SOAP notes which will automatically use the diagnostic and treatment codes you’ve entered.

  • After you have created and saved your SOAP note, add ICD-10 and CPT codes by using the "Add ICD" and "Add CPT" buttons. (If you need to change the price for the treatment, details are below.)

  • Generate a new receipt and link it to this SOAP note by clicking the “New Receipt” button.

  • You will now see a receipt linked to your SOAP note. You can click on the link to go to the Receipt record.

  • Once on the receipt record, you can add products if the patient is purchasing products.

  • Click on the “Print Receipt” button to generate a PDF and print for your patients.

  • Here is an example receipt.

Changing the price of a treatment for one patient

On occasion, you may need to give a patient a different price for a treatment. For example, if you run a sliding scale clinic. You can do this from two place, on the SOAP note or the receipt.

Shown are instructions from a SOAP note and the same steps can be applied from a receipt.

  • After you have added your treatment codes, click the “Edit” link next to the code you want to price change.

  • Enter the desired price and click “Save”

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