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Classic: Merge Contact Records

  • Click on the Contacts Tab

  • Select “All Contacts” View and click Go!

  • Find the duplicate records

  • Open the 2nd Account in a new Tab to rename

  • Go to the new Tab with the Account record and click Edit

  • Change the Account Name and click Save

  • Go back to Contacts and find the duplicate contacts

  • Remember the Account Name of the 1st contact

  • Double click the pencil icon for the 2nd contact Account Name

  • The Edit Account Name dialog will appear and Click the lookup icon

  • In the Lookup popup, search for the Account Name of the 1st contact. Click Go! and select the Account Name

  • Click Save

  • Click on the 1st Contact’s Account Name

  • On the Account, you will see the two contact records listed

  • Click the Merge Contacts button

  • The Merge My Contacts wizard will be presented. Make sure the duplicate contacts are checked. And click Next.

  • Select the radio buttons for the data you would like to keep and click Merge

  • Click OK in the confirmation dialog to merge the records

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