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Classic: Book Now for SquareSpace

Jasmine Practice Management Setup

  1. Go to All Tabs

  2. Go to Configuration Center

  3. Click Authorize under Authorize Online Access

  4. Click Allow for Jasmine Practice Management to communicate with your org

  5. You will see Authorization successful

Online Booking Setup

  • Go to Online Booking Tab

  • Copy the Book Now Widget Code

  • Enter your Website URL

  • Click Save Online Booking Customizations button


SquareSpace Setup


  1. Click on Pages

  2. Select the page you where you want the widget to appear

  3. Hover over the page content and click the edit button when it appears

  4. Click the plus (+) sign

  5. Scroll to the "More" section and click the "Code" button

  6. Paste your code and click Apply

  7. Click Save

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