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Classic: Enabling Text/SMS Patient Reminders

Text/SMS patient reminders are a great way to prevent "no shows" and are sent to your patient's mobile phone.

Text/SMS reminders are sent when the appointment is created (confirmation) and a day before the appointment (reminder).

  • Make sure the Company Phone is filled in.
  • Click the "All Tabs" link

  • Click the Configuration Center tab

  • Click the "Enable" button for "Enable SMS/Text Reminder"

  • Make sure "Authorization successful"

  • Done

Update Existing Contacts

Existing contacts who want to receive text/sms reminders will need to be updated manually on their contact info with a mobile number and SMS Reminder checkbox checked.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients will see a "Send Text Reminders" checkbox when scheduling from your website with the "Book Now" button and Booking Site pages.

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