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  1. Book Now Widget for Wix

  2. Booking Appointments

  3. Classic: Accepting Credit Card for Booking

  4. Classic: Add Create SOAP Note button to Appointment Layout

  5. Classic: Add logo

  6. Classic: Add Patient Picture

  7. Classic: Add Payment Method

  8. Classic: Add Signature Forms to Intake Forms

  9. Classic: Add Welcome Text to Intake Form

  10. Classic: Adding Additional Points

  11. Classic: Adding Calendar+ to Salesforce1 Mobile App

  12. Classic: Adding Contact Profile Picture

  13. Classic: Adding CPT Code to SOAP Note

  14. Classic: Adding Employment Status Values

  15. Classic: Adding Logo to Letterhead

  16. Classic: Adding Modifiers to CPT Codes

  17. Classic: Adding New CPT Codes

  18. Classic: Adding New ICD-10 Codes

  19. Classic: Adding Product Types

  20. Classic: Adding Products

  21. Classic: Assign Business Hours to Practitioners

  22. Classic: Assign Enrollment to Patient Contact

  23. Classic: Assigning Location to Receipts

  24. Classic: Assigning Location to Services

  25. Classic: Attach Calendar Invite (ICS) To Email

  26. Classic: Attach files to patient records

  27. Classic: Attach privacy statements & initial intake

  28. Classic: Authorize Online Access

  29. Classic: Authorize QuickBooks Online Access

  30. Classic: Blocking Time on Calendar

  31. Classic: Book Now for SquareSpace

  32. Classic: Book Now Widget for HTML Website

  33. Classic: Book Now Widget for Weebly

  34. Classic: Book Now Widget for Wordpress

  35. Classic: Booking Site

  36. Classic: BusyCal / GCal / Jasmine Sync

  37. Classic: Buy Jasmine

  38. Classic: Calendar Slot Duration

  39. Classic: Change Session Timeout

  40. Classic: Changing Appointment Color

  41. Classic: Charge Credit Card for Booking

  42. Classic: Check Insurance Claim Status

  43. Classic: Check Patient's Insurance Coverage

  44. Classic: Community Acupuncture Scheduling

  45. Classic: Company Information

  46. Classic: Configure Internal Clinic Calendar Start/End of Day

  47. Classic: Configuring Email Reminders

  48. Classic: Configuring Email Templates

  49. Classic: Configuring Letterheads

  50. Classic: Configuring Locations, Services, Practitioners, & Business Hours

  51. Classic: Configuring Patient Scheduling Properties

  52. Classic: Create a Treatment Package Product Listing

  53. Classic: Create Intake Form Types

  54. Classic: Create New Intake Form Layout

  55. Classic: Create receipts/Superbills from Contacts

  56. Classic: Create Services

  57. Classic: Create SOAP Note Types

  58. Classic: Create/Edit List View

  59. Classic: Creating Accounts

  60. Classic: Creating an Appointment

  61. Classic: Creating Email Templates

  62. Classic: Creating Invoices in QuickBooks Online

  63. Classic: Creating Locations

  64. Classic: Creating new fields and adding to layouts

  65. Classic: Creating new Intake Form fields and adding to layouts

  66. Classic: Creating New Patient Contact Record

  67. Classic: Creating receipts/Superbills from SOAP Notes

  68. Classic: Creating Recurring Appointments

  69. Classic: Creating Reports

  70. Classic: Creating Rooms

  71. Classic: Creating Users

  72. Classic: Customize Availability Time Slots

  73. Classic: Customize Credit Card Explanation/Confirmation Message

  74. Classic: Customize Intake Form Layout

  75. Classic: Customize SOAP Note Layout

  76. Classic: Customize Tabs

  77. Classic: Customize Text/SMS Reminders

  78. Classic: Data Export

  79. Classic: Deactivate Users

  80. Classic: Disable Chatter

  81. Classic: Disable Email Reminders

  82. Classic: Disable Follow Up Emails

  83. Classic: Disable Google Calendar Sync

  84. Classic: Disable Patient Satisfaction Survey Emails

  85. Classic: Disable QuickBooks Online Integration

  86. Classic: Disable Social Integration

  87. Classic: Disable Text/SMS Reminders

  88. Classic: Disable Verification Code

  89. Classic: Disabling Birthday Emails

  90. Classic: Discount products

  91. Classic: Discounting treatments

  92. Classic: Download Email Logs

  93. Classic: Edit Calendar Config

  94. Classic: Edit Service - Visible to Customers Online

  95. Classic: Edit Service Color

  96. Classic: Edit Service Duration

  97. Classic: Edit Treatment Code Pricing

  98. Classic: Editing Locations

  99. Classic: Enable Areas of Pain for Intake Forms

  100. Classic: Enable Google Calendar Syncing

  101. Classic: Enable Intake Forms

  102. Classic: Enable Intake Forms with ZocDoc

  103. Classic: Enable Patient Email Settings

  104. Classic: Enable Patient Intake App for iPad/Android Tablets

  105. Classic: Enable Patient Reactivation Emails

  106. Classic: Enable Patient Satisfaction Surveys

  107. Classic: Enable Print Paper Intake Form

  108. Classic: Enable Testimonials on Facebook

  109. Classic: Enable/Disable Service to be Visible to Customers Online for Patient Self Scheduling

  110. Classic: Enabling Birthday Emails

  111. Classic: Enabling Credit Card Payments with Stripe

  112. Classic: Enabling Email Reminders

  113. Classic: Enabling Follow Up Emails

  114. Classic: Enabling Text/SMS Patient Reminders

  115. Classic: Enroll with Insurance

  116. Classic: Enter Insurance Claim

  117. Classic: Exporting Report Data

  118. Classic: First Available Appointment Buffer Time

  119. Classic: Google Calendar Sync - Using Non Primary Calendar

  120. Classic: Grant Account Login Access

  121. Classic: HIPAA Logging & Auditing

  122. Classic: Import ICD-10 Codes

  123. Classic: Import Patient Information from Other Systems

  124. Classic: Import Products

  125. Classic: Import QuickBooks Online Inventory

  126. Classic: Installing MailChimp App Integration

  127. Classic: Inventory Management

  128. Classic: Inventory Threshold and Emails

  129. Classic: List CPT Codes

  130. Classic: List Diagnosis Codes

  131. Classic: List Enrollments

  132. Classic: Lock/Unlock Master Lists

  133. Classic: Managing Business Hours for Online Scheduling Widget

  134. Classic: Managing Organization NPI

  135. Classic: Managing Provider NPI

  136. Classic: Manually Send Intake Forms

  137. Classic: Manually Sending Suveys

  138. Classic: Mass Email Contacts

  139. Classic: Merge Contact Records

  140. Classic: Print Blank Paper Intake Form

  141. Classic: Print multiple SOAP Notes

  142. Classic: Printing Filled Out Intake Forms

  143. Classic: Printing multiple receipts/Superbills

  144. Classic: Printing receipt/Superbill

  145. Classic: Printing SOAP Notes

  146. Classic: Product Sales Tax

  147. Classic: Re-Send Intake Form Email

  148. Classic: Recording ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice)

  149. Classic: Recording payment

  150. Classic: Recovering Deleted Items From Recycle Bin

  151. Classic: Relax IP Restrictions for Calendar by Jasmine

  152. Classic: Relax IP Restrictions for Patient Intake by Jasmine

  153. Classic: Relax IP Restrictions for Transcribe by Jasmine

  154. Classic: Request Email Log Files

  155. Classic: Running Reports

  156. Classic: Save receipt/Superbill as PDF

  157. Classic: Scheduling Report Email

  158. Classic: Segmentation & MailChimp

  159. Classic: Selling a Treatment Package

  160. Classic: Send Classic Intake Email

  161. Classic: Send Email to Contact

  162. Classic: Sending and Replying to Patient Messages

  163. Classic: Sending Patient Email Reminders

  164. Classic: Set Default Calendar View for User

  165. Classic: Set Practitioner's Business Hours by Service

  166. Classic: Set Special Equipment for Service

  167. Classic: Set User as Practitioner

  168. Classic: Setting Account Alert on Contact

  169. Classic: Setting Company Primary Contact

  170. Classic: Setting Password Policies

  171. Classic: Setting TimeZone

  172. Classic: Setting Trusted IP Access

  173. Classic: Sharing Contacts

  174. Classic: SOAP Note History Tracking

  175. Classic: Specify Multiple Rooms for Scheduling Widget

  176. Classic: Update Card for Buy Jasmine

  177. Classic: Update logo

  178. Classic: Use Clinic Logo For App

  179. Classic: Use Organization-Wide Email Address

  180. Classic: User Information

  181. Classic: Using Account Credit for Payment

  182. Classic: View Insurance Claim Payment Report

  183. Clear Browser Cache

  184. Customize Book Now Button Image

  185. Disable Patient Reactivation Emails

  186. Disconnect QuickBooks Online from Jasmine

  187. Download Calendar by Jasmine

  188. Enable HSA/FSA card processing in Stripe

  189. Enable Stripe Receipts

  190. Jasmine Quick Start

  191. Lightning: Adding Employment Status Values

  192. Lightning: Adding Modifiers to CPT Codes

  193. Lightning: Adding New CPT Codes

  194. Lightning: Adding New ICD-10 Codes

  195. Lightning: Attach Calendar Invite (ICS) To Email

  196. Lightning: Attach files to patient records

  197. Lightning: Blocking Time on Calendar

  198. Lightning: Buy Jasmine

  199. Lightning: Calendar Slot Duration

  200. Lightning: Change Session Timeout

  201. Lightning: Changing Appointment Color

  202. Lightning: Company Information

  203. Lightning: Configure Internal Clinic Calendar Start/End of Day

  204. Lightning: Configuring Email Reminders

  205. Lightning: Configuring Locations, Services, Practitioners, & Business Hours

  206. Lightning: Create/Edit List View

  207. Lightning: Creating Accounts

  208. Lightning: Creating an Appointment

  209. Lightning: Creating Locations

  210. Lightning: Creating New Patient Contact Record

  211. Lightning: Creating Recurring Appointments

  212. Lightning: Creating Rooms

  213. Lightning: Creating Users

  214. Lightning: Customize Tabs

  215. Lightning: Data Export

  216. Lightning: Deactivate Users

  217. Lightning: Disable Chatter

  218. Lightning: Disable Email Reminders

  219. Lightning: Disable Follow Up Emails

  220. Lightning: Disable Patient Reactivation Emails

  221. Lightning: Disable Verification Code

  222. Lightning: Disabling Birthday Emails

  223. Lightning: Download Email Log Files

  224. Lightning: Edit Treatment Code Pricing

  225. Lightning: Editing Locations

  226. Lightning: Enable Patient Reactivation Emails

  227. Lightning: Enabling Birthday Emails

  228. Lightning: Enabling Credit Card Payments with Stripe

  229. Lightning: Enabling Email Reminders

  230. Lightning: Enabling Follow Up Emails

  231. Lightning: Grant Account Login Access

  232. Lightning: HIPAA Logging & Auditing

  233. Lightning: Import Patient Information from Other Systems

  234. Lightning: List CPT Codes

  235. Lightning: List Diagnosis Codes

  236. Lightning: Lock/Unlock Master Lists

  237. Lightning: Mass Email Contacts

  238. Lightning: Merge Contact Records

  239. Lightning: Recovering Deleted Items From Recycle Bin

  240. Lightning: Relax IP Restrictions for Calendar by Jasmine

  241. Lightning: Request Email Log Files

  242. Lightning: Send Email to Contact

  243. Lightning: Sending and Replying to Patient Messages

  244. Lightning: Set Default Calendar View for User

  245. Lightning: Set User as Practitioner

  246. Lightning: Setting Account Alert on Contact

  247. Lightning: Setting Company Primary Contact

  248. Lightning: Setting Password Policies

  249. Lightning: Setting Time Zone

  250. Lightning: Setting Trusted IP Access

  251. Lightning: Update Card for Buy Jasmine

  252. Lightning: Use Organization-Wide Email Address

  253. Lightning: User Information

  254. QuickBooks Online Integration Setup

  255. Refund Payment

  256. Sending and Replying to Clinic Messages

  257. Sync iPhone calendar with Google Calendar

  258. Update Credit Card in Stripe

  259. View Clinic Contact

  260. View Schedule

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