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Classic: Combine Contacts Under Household Account

First, we'll check if Contacts are already under the same Account. Since, Accounts can have the same name, we may have multiple Accounts similarly named.

  • Go to the Contacts tab.

  • Click on the Account Name of each contact.

  • Under the Contacts section, we should see only the contact we clicked.

If all looks correct under the Accounts, next we'll want to distinguish the Account Names, if they are the same.

  • Click on one of the Account Names

  • Click Edit

  • Rename the Account Name to something different

  • Click Save

Now, we want to combine the two contact under the same Account.

  • Go to the Contacts tab

  • Click the Edit link next to the Contact who's Account we want to change

  • Click on the lookup icon next to the Account Name

  • In the Lookup popup, search for the Account Name.

  • Select the Account

  • Click Save on the Contact

Now, we can check the Account to make sure both Contacts show up.

  • Go to the Contacts tab

  • Click on the Account Name

  • We should now see both contacts under the Contacts section.

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